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Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill

Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill
Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill
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Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill

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Product details of Hy-9099a 3-in-1

Craving for barbecue but don't have the patience to deal with the ash and smoke that comes with grilling? If yes, then why not try using the HY9099 Electric and Barbecue Grill and satisfy that inner foodie of yours?

Grill your hotdogs, chops, vegetables and just about everything with the HY9099 Electric and Barbecue Grill. This kitchen appliance allows you to enjoy rare, medium and well done meat thanks to its Multitronic Temperature Control and inclusive barbecue frame. It also comes with two removable frying pans which is useful for cooking your sauces and other dishes. You are sure to whip up a delicious storm with so many cooking options.

Improve everyday meal time by whipping up tastier meals with the HY9099 Electric and Barbecue Grill.

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-100% Food grade FDA & SGS, hygienic security

-Make BBQ more effectively, smokeless

-Great for the couples, can enjoy a healthful dinner or lunch

-Good finish surface, 

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