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Laser hair comb

Laser hair comb
Laser hair comb
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ser Treatment Power Grow Comb Kit Stop Hair Loss Hot Regrow Therapy.
Developed by NASA and backed by studies in Japan, Finland, Western Europe and the United States, low level light and laser technology actually promotes the appearance of new hair follicles with new hair growth.
This technology has been introduced in an amazing device — the Power Grow Comb.
Low Level Light and Laser Therapy doesn’t involve normal light. It is at a very specific wavelength, 660 nanometers, which can actually penetrate into the human skin.
It increases capillary circulation in the scalp, bringing nutrients to the hair follicles. Plus, it actually energizes the cells, producing a bio-stimulating effect. Because this light phototherapy and it consequently increases capillary blood flow, it eliminates the DHT, as well as other wastes, allowing the hair follicle to expand and revitalize. This produces the appearance of hair follicles with new hair.
Product Benefits:
Promotes hair growth
Promotes new

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