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Sports & Fitness

Sports & Fitness
Sports & Fitness
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5 in 1 Orbitrek Exercise Bike

Author: The Elliptical machine provides a total body (legs, hips, buttocks, arms & shoulders), ..

Tk 14,500.00 Ex Tax: Tk 14,500.00

Cooler Master: CM 590 iii

Specifications Model Number RC-593-KWN2 RC-593-WWN2 Available Color Black White Materials Steel b..

Tk 5,500.00 Ex Tax: Tk 5,500.00

Dolphin Body Massager

Author: Dolphin Massager a powerful hand-held massager with three attachment options designed to st..

Tk 1,490.00 Ex Tax: Tk 1,490.00

Easy Walker Plus

Author: The TVC Swing Walker Massager is programmed to serve multi-functional solutions to combat v..

Tk 6,550.00 Ex Tax: Tk 6,550.00

Eddinson lin new curved slipper

Imported high quality Shoes Imported from ChinaSize available: 40,41,42,43 ..

Tk 1,800.00 Ex Tax: Tk 1,800.00

Exercise Belt Bike

Author: Exercise Belt Bike Model No.: ES-8001 Belt friction system + - multi resistance adjustmen..

Tk 8,490.00 Ex Tax: Tk 8,490.00

Figure Twist Bord

Author: BODY TECHNOLOGY FIGURE TRIMMER (figure twist bord): 1)Double Colorway 2)Anti-Slip Desing 3)..

Tk 1,090.00 Ex Tax: Tk 1,090.00

Fitness Pump

Author: Tones your legs and buns through the principle of static tension so you working out your en..

Tk 4,990.00 Ex Tax: Tk 4,990.00

Fold-able Magnetic Exercise Bike

Author: TVC Folder System Magnetic Exercise Bike. TVC Fold-able Magnetic Exercise Bike Keep fit lo..

Tk 10,500.00 Ex Tax: Tk 10,500.00

Gym Ball / Fitness Ball

Author: An exercise ball can work as a yoga prop to deepen stretches or support your body in diffic..

Tk 1,490.00 Ex Tax: Tk 1,490.00

Infrared Blood Circuation Massager

Author: D2K INFRARED BLOOD CIRCULATION MASSAGER Blood Circulatory Massager Machine: BCM is the mos..

Tk 1,490.00 Ex Tax: Tk 1,490.00

Magnetic Exercise Bike (EFIT-1533F)

Author: Features: Easy to use, Easy to assemble, Quiet and smooth magnetic resistance, 5 levels of ..

Tk 10,500.00 Ex Tax: Tk 10,500.00

Magnetic Exercise Bike (ET-1540)

Author: Magnetic Exercise Bike with Hand Pulse New Hi-Tech Magnetic Brake System and High Quality r..

Tk 9,990.00 Ex Tax: Tk 9,990.00

Massage Pro Belt (Vibration + Heat )

Author: The Massage Pro Slimming Belt is a newly designed product combining point physical therapy ..

Tk 3,990.00 Ex Tax: Tk 3,990.00

New Six Pack Care with X-Bike

Author: New Six Pack Care X-Bike ver. Total Body Gym Station. Like wedding days, home training is ..

Tk 12,500.00 Ex Tax: Tk 12,500.00