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Exclusive Imported Metal Necklace

Exclusive Metal Ornaments Stylish Casual Necklace with Ear RingCODE- MS-EMN1 - Long , Semi Lo..

Tk 580.00 Ex Tax: Tk 580.00

Mumbai City-Gold Churi

Mumbai Citi-Gold Churi Code: 3 Ring Designing Churi1year Color Gauranty  Open mukh  Free Siz..

Tk 400.00 Ex Tax: Tk 400.00

Original Gold plated Diamondcut Ear Ring (Jhumka)

 Exclusive Designing  Mumbai #Goldplated #Diamondcut Ornaments ●● Color Gauranty ●● ●●..

Tk 830.00 Ex Tax: Tk 830.00

925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring Code : GLFR-44 Price 2772tk925 Sterling Silver Common Calla Fl..

Tk 2,772.00 Ex Tax: Tk 2,772.00

Baroque Gray Pearl Earrings

Baroque Gray Pearl Earrings Code : GLER-37 Price 3528tkNatural Fresh Water Baroque Gray Pearl Earr..

Tk 3,528.00 Ex Tax: Tk 3,528.00

Blue Imperial Stone Necklace

SCSLE17-136 Blue Imperial Stone Necklace Tk 4,032Top drilled Imperial Jasper and good quality high..

Tk 4,032.00 Ex Tax: Tk 4,032.00

Bridal Silver Stud Earring

Bridal Silver Stud Earring Code : KIER-13 Price 3276tkButterfly Stud Cubic Zirconia Crystal Bohemi..

Tk 3,276.00 Ex Tax: Tk 3,276.00